DiverJim's Atlanta Olympic Law Enforcement Pins
Federal Agencies

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Note: These are in my personal collection and are listed here so that viewers can see which pins have been issued.  I may have some extras for sale or trade, so please contact me.  If you have any pins which are not pictured on the following pages, and you feel might go with this collection, I would be interested in hearing from you!

Atlanta Divisional Pin (only 300 made)
Rapid Start Team (extremely rare)
Gold State of Georgia
Gold Olympic Shield
Explosive Ordinance Disposal
FBI - Technical Team
FBI Uniformed Police
Atlanta 1996 Protocol
Atlanta SWAT Office
Norfolk, VA SWAT Office
Evidence Response Team
FBI-SSG 6-pin set
Surveillance Operations Group - Day Team
Surveillance Operations Group - Night Team
SWAT Cleveland, OH Office, Soccer Ball, red on white
SWAT Cleveland, OH Office, Soccer Ball, blue on white
Birmingham SWAT Olympic Soccer - Helicopter/Gold
Birmingham SWAT Olympic Soccer - Helicopter/Red
Birmingham SWAT Olympic Soccer - Helicopter/Blue
Birmingham ERT Olympic Soccer - Microscope/Red
Birmingham Olympic Soccer - Olympic Rings/Blue
Violent Crimes/Major Offenses 5 pin set
Immigration Service "Making IT Happen"
Dept. of Justice/INS Torch & Rings
FAA Torch - small version
FAA Torch - large version
US Customs
Round Torchmark pins - Colors of Olympic Rings
(I'm missing the gold colored pin!)
DEA Airwing
1996 Olympics 3-layered pin
DOD Paralympic Games
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