DiverJim's Motorola Pins

MotGrnTorchmark.jpg (25418 bytes)
If you have this pin
to trade or sell, please
drop me a note!


This is my current collection. If you have a Motorola pin not pictured here,
I would like to add it to my collection, so please contact me. Thanks!
MotUSAFlag.jpg (37007 bytes) Mot2Globe.jpg (31774 bytes) Mot96Canada.jpg (24165 bytes) MotMascotTruck.jpg (26066 bytes) MotTallOval.jpg (20835 bytes)
MotPagerLg.jpg (14915 bytes) MotRectTorch.jpg (27182 bytes) MotTorchLeft.jpg (28400 bytes) MotWalkie.jpg (23840 bytes)
MotRingsGreen.jpg (36654 bytes) MotReach.jpg (36396 bytes) MotShieldWhite.jpg (23601 bytes)
MotSarajevoMascot.jpg (25095 bytes)
MotSarajevoShield.jpg (16918 bytes)

MotParaHoHo.jpg (40126 bytes)
Paralympics - HoHo
MotParaAminco.JPG (41093 bytes)
Aminco Prototype
MotLA84Blue.jpg (18112 bytes)
Los Angeles
MotPhone3D.JPG (12873 bytes) MotDiamondPhone.jpg (22545 bytes) Mot911.jpg (21672 bytes) MotIridium.jpg (20457 bytes)

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