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As pin collecting fans (pinheads!), my wife and I have enjoyed many hours of pin hunting & trading, along with making many friends along the way.  We have our pin lists below, along with a list of pin trading web sites to check out near the bottom of this page.  There are also links below for Olympic Sites & Committees.
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Now...let's do some pin trading!

Pin Lists
Olympic Sponsor/Media Pins
Olympic NOC Pins
Other Olympic Pins
Olympic Law Enforcement/Security Pins
Scuba Dive Pins
Hard Rock Café Pins
Non-Olympic Sports Pins
Other/Miscellaneous Pins

Our Pin Collections
If you have any pins you are willing to part with that would fit here, please contact us!
Scuba Diving Pins
Delta Airlines Pins
Motorola Pins
Olympic Law Enforcement / Police / Security pins
Flags on Triangles Olympic Pins
Republic of Georgia Olympic Pins
Puerto Rico Olympic/Pan American Games Pins
Olympic Bid Pins
South Africa & Thailand Olympic Pins
'96 Olympic Commemorative Posters Pin Set
USA Volleyball Logo Pins
'96 Olympic Blimp Pins
Sports Illustrated Olympic Pins
'96 Olympic MARTA Pins
Pin Links
www.olympianartifacts.com www.olympianartifacts.com
Olympic Pin Show Schedule for Atlanta
Pinheads website
"Unofficial" Atlanta Olympic Pin Trading Page
Dr. Michael J. Miller's Olympic Page
Bill Papa's Pintrader's Paradise
Pin Fever Pin Collectors & Traders Worldwide
Pin Collecting - The Mining Company
Kevin Cummings' Olympic Memorabilia
McFred's Home Page
Pins Ltd.
Ross Carbrey's Pin Trading Center
Midwest Pins
McKeon's Home Page
Olympic Pins & Games
Sunbeam's Pin Home Page
Joby Evans' Pin Trading Page

Other Olympic Host Cities

Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)
Salt Lake City, Utah

Athens, Greece

Torino, Italy

The United States Olympic Committee (USOC)
I  O  C

The International Olympic Committee

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